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Abstraction - Painting 2

This painting assignment builds upon the "Digital/Traditional" realist painting task.

Students will hone their skills and delve into individual subject matters, exploring vastly different painting techniques and mastering their craft.

In contrast to previous assignments, students will embark on this task without a clear vision of their final piece. By immersing each student in diverse painting processes, they will experiment with unfamiliar or challenging methods. Comfort zones are left behind at this level. As a class, we compile a comprehensive list of painting approaches, including various ways to apply paint, create marks, and define space. This collective list becomes our "approach bible." When students encounter a creative block, they refer to the list and choose a method opposite their last step to inspire new directions.

Upon reaching a minimum of seven layers of depth within their paintings, the class will refine their works, aiming to unify the picture plane into a cohesive concept.

This assignment is an integral part of my Painting 2 curriculum.



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