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This painting assignment follows the "Digital/ Traditional" realist painting assignment.


Students develop skills and focus on individual subject matter while investigating radically different approaches in painting techniques and mastery.


Unlike the previous assignment, students have no idea what their finished painting will  look like. By exposing each student to drastically different painting processes, they will try things they are uncomfortable with or not good at. There is no comfort zone at this level. As a class we make a list of all the types of ways we can apply paint, create marks, define space, etc... The class list becomes the "approach bible." When a student gets stuck in the painting they are to look at the list and find the opposite of the last thing they did and try that.  Once the paintings has at least seven layers of space, the class refines the paintings and and creates actions that allow them to think of the picture plane as a unified idea.


This assignment is designed as part of my Painting 2 curriculum.



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